Humans Need In-Person Social Interactions Plus 10 Tips To Help Us Through The Self Isolation Phase of COVID-19

April 30th, 2020

One key observation throughout this COVID-19 pandemic and these lock down restrictions is the profound need for us humans to have in-person social interactions.

With so many technological advancements, I was starting to feel like, before this crisis, that we were turning into finger tapping warriors and some of the in-person interactions appeared to be dwindling. Studies show conversations in-person are significantly superior due to people sharing more information and affection, and showing much higher levels of empathy. This increases trust and genuineness. Those who converse via a mobile device (even those in a close relationship) reported much lower levels of empathy and they were less friendly towards each other.

With the recent pandemic constraints, people are certainly missing the human in-person conversations and experiences (the touch, the visual expressions, the eye contact, the physical closeness and empathy) that we can truly feel and experience more in-person. So yes, we need each other and let’s hope we learn to appreciate this need even more once some normality returns to our lives.

In the meantime here are 10 tips to help us cope in the self-isolation phase:

1. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Walk, hike, do yoga, do an exercise video or online class. Try different forms of exercise to break up the boredom.

2. Eat healthy foods. Don’t over eat. Cook a new healthy recipe and schedule this in regularly. Supplement your food intake with quality supplements.

3. Stay in touch with your friends and loved ones. Tell them how much you appreciate them and care about them. Be there for each other. Call, video chat, send an email or card. Schedule regular group chats or get together in small groups when possible.

4. Have that clean out, clear out of that storage area, wardrobe, room or garage. If you haven’t worn or used something for more than 5 years, ask yourself these questions: Do I really need this? Can I donate or give this item to someone else who will benefit more?

5. Replant or tidy the garden and do all those DIY jobs that need to be done.

6. Take up a new hobby or one you haven’t done for some time. Restore that car or motorbike. Repair that piece of equipment. Do a jigsaw, do a crossword, coloring in, create a new photo album. Read a book. Write a book. Jot down 3 things a day you are grateful for and focus on them.

7. Learn or restart a class. There are many on line classes and courses (i.e. First Aid, crafts, sewing, painting, woodwork, art class, pottery, scrapbooking, research your ancestry etc).

8. Spend quality time with your pets, children and those who you live with and care about. Play board and card games, sports, other games, cook a meal together, do coloring in, watch a favorite movie or TV, comedy show together, watch a TED Talk or documentary.

9. Give yourself an in-house make over. Look on line for ways to wear your hair differently. Try new make-up. Get creative. Color your own hair. Put on lashes. Trim your hair or have someone you trust do it. Do your nails. Coordinate and wear a new outfit. Stitch that hem or make that adjustment to an outfit.

10. Plan that trip/social event now, well in advance. Enjoy doing all the preparation work now while you have time.

Just like Humans, Stem Cells Also Benefit Dogs

February 12th, 2020

Just like for human’s, stem cell therapy also provides wonderful benefits for pets, especially dogs and horses.  The same healing and rejuvenation properties apply that involve using the pet’s own stem cells that are then injected back into the damaged muscle, joints and tissues.  In this video, dog owners talk about how Vet, Dr. Mike Hutchinson used stem cell injections to achieve major repair benefits and recovery times for their dogs.

The research and development (and independent clinical testing) of the Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray supplement for humans was done over 10 years ago, at the same time Dr. Hutchinson started clinical trials on dogs.  Much of this stem cell research (for humans as well as pets) is now just starting to be acknowledged.  Check out the video below for dogs and for more information on the Stem Cell Worx supplements (for humans and also Pet Cell Worx for dogs) visit: 

Stem Cell Whttp://www.stemcellworx.comorx  developed a Pet Cell Worx supplement for dogs as many clients were buying the human supplement and on seeing the benefits themselves they were also giving it to their pets.  You can view the details here: