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Mackay-Sim, Amazing Scientist Has Been Awarded Australian Of The Year Whose Miracle Work Enabled Paraplegic To Walk Again

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Biomedical scientist Alan Mackay-Sim has been named the 2017 Australian of the Year for his pioneering stem cell research.

Professor Mackay-Sim’s work was central to the 2014 surgery that allowed Darek Fidyka, a Polish firefighter, to walk again and even ride a custom-built bicycle. Fidyka was the first paraplegic in the world to regain mobility after the complete severing of the spinal nerves. The success was hailed by fellow researcher Geoff Raisman as more impressive than the moon landing.

Watch videos here:

(Video 1 – Scientist Alan Mackay-Sim talking at the awards ceremony about the incredible progress being made in the field of stem cell therapy)

(The video link below the main video shows Darek Fidyka’s incredible mobility after stem cells from his nose were transplanted into his spinal cord)

Spray Supplements Verses Pills – There’s A Huge Difference

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Watch video by clicking this link:

Spray Supplements verses Pills

This blog covers important facts about why you need to be taking your health supplements by spraying under the tongue (known as intraoral deliery or sublingual in certain context). Intraoral delivery provides an absorption rate of 95% of nutrients compared to just a 10% to 20% absorption rate that pills and capsules provide. This is scientifically proven.

The sub-mucosal membrane that sits under your tongue enables nutrients to get directly into the bloodstream, straight away.

Key advantages of intraoral delivery are:

– Rapid absorption and immediate onset of actions

– Avoids elimination of nutrients in the GI tract and stomach

– Avoids first-pass effect of the liver

– Higher plasma levels

– Avoids exposure to a hostile GI environment

– Ability to swallow large pills or capsules is not required

– It is a lot more cost effective as less mgs are needed (as this is a much more concentrated source of delivery of pure, natural ingredients)

– As one gets older, one’s absorption rate through the intestinal tract reduces and it is also estimated that over 70% of the U.S.A. population suffers from leaky gut syndrome therefore the way in which you take your health supplements becomes even more important.

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